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First Sip is a marrying of not only husband and wife, but also of a company— pun intended. First Sip has two sides of the business First Sip Brew Box and First Sip Studios.

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First Sip Brew Box

First Sip Brew Box is a Veteran, Black, and Woman owned small business located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For the past six years, we have worked with breweries from all around the country to create unique merchandise like shirts, hats, and glassware. We then find and support small mom and pop shops all over the United States that sustainably make items out of craft beer. Some examples include beer soap, beer hot sauce, and lotion made with hops— all really unique items that we send to subscribers in multiple different countries.

First Sip Studios

Throughout the past six years operating First Sip Brew Box, we have conducted hundreds of interviews with small businesses, and have produced over 300 unique pieces of content across 7 different platforms every month. After doing this for years and being asked several times by other small businesses if we could do the same for them, we can finally say yes! We, a husband and wife team, produced First Sip Studios, located in the heart of Mt. Oliver, Pennsylvania.

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More About Us

Dennis Guy
First Sip Brew Box believes that the best friend of a small business is another small business. First Sip is that platform for other small businesses. It took some long nights to get our dreams to come true with First Sip. However, with 8 years of military service, our CEO Dennis learned to never quit. Along with this tenacity, we were also inspired by Dennis’s mother who was our biggest supporter until her passing in 2018 from cancer. Her passing inspired First Sip’s focus on giving back through unique Brew Box missions.

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